Why Limos Are Lengendary According to Barney Stinson

A night rolling around town in a Royal Executive Transportation limo is legen-wait for it-dary! It’s time to suit up and look at why limos are the only source of transportation that How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson would actually brag about. A Bit About Barney If you’ve seen just one episode of How … Read more

How to Pick the Right Transportation for Your Party

Luxury transportation has exploded in recent years, giving riders many more options than they’ve ever had before. Back in the day limos and sedans ruled supreme, but now upscale SUVs and vans have made it onto the scene and are stealing some of their predecessors’ thunder. With so many luxe vehicles at your disposal, the … Read more

Funniest Limo Moments From the Movies

The limo industry is serious business, but in the movies it can provide some serious comic relief. Here are our picks for the top comedy movie limo moments. 21 Jump Street Stepping out of a white stretch limo with doves flying out through the air is awesome. When 21 Jump Street’s Schmidt and Jenko arrive … Read more

Texas Limo Licensing 101

A lot of clients ask us about limo driver licensing. They understandably want to make sure the person behind the wheel has the knowledge and know-how to get them to and from their destinations safely. Each state has their own rules and regulations for limo licensing. Here in Texas, the state allows cities and counties … Read more

Limo Riding Etiquette for Kids

If you’ve ever seen the movie Blank Check or Richie Rich you’ve seen kiddos that like to roll around in a limousine. While this isn’t the everyday ride for most kids, they do tag along from time to time. Whether it’s riding with a parent, as a part of a wedding party or celebrating a … Read more