Why Limos Are Lengendary According to Barney Stinson

A night rolling around town in a Royal Executive Transportation limo is legen-wait for it-dary! It’s time to suit up and look at why limos are the only source of transportation that How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson would actually brag about.

lengendaryA Bit About Barney

If you’ve seen just one episode of How I Met Your Mother, you know Barney Stinson. He’s the put-together guy that wears designer suits and isn’t afraid to drop the name of the label. It’s a good time all the time when you’re with him. Where he goes life follows. That’s Barney Stinson.

Barney’s theory on public transportation is it’s only good for one thing – picking up women. A limo is one of his preferred modes of transportation, along with Italian sports cars and anything with a model in the passenger seat.


A limo isn’t a regular ride for the masses. Even though it seats more people than the average vehicle, it screams exclusivity. It isn’t an everyday ride – it says someone important is doing something special. Barney often hires a limo for special occasions, so he and his friends can get first-class service and not have to deal with transportation hassles like everyone else.


Sit back and relax instead of schlepping through traffic like the common man. Driving is so overrated when you can be watching Mad Men and having a cocktail while you text, tweet and post about how awesome limo transportation is compared to driving a normal car.


Sleek, streamlined, stylish – no other vehicle has the visual appeal of a limousine. It compliments a designer suit perfectly, not just because of how attractive it is inside and out, but because it’s tailor-made to perfection and includes all those little extras that make it special.

Business Up Front, Party in the Back

Why drive when you can get someone else to do it for you? Let a professional handle the lane changes and parallel parking while you handle melting into leather seats with a few of your favorite wingmen or women. You can always look out of the sunroof if you want to get a good view of where you’re going. Though, we don’t recommend this while the vehicle is moving.

Life happens in the backseat of a limo – those legendary moments that become stories you tell for years to come. And a good chauffeur that goes above and beyond makes them all the more memorable. Like Royal Executive Transportation chauffeurs, How I Met Your Mother’s Ranjit character is a concierge on wheels for the gang. Barney often calls on him when he needs a level of service that goes beyond driving.

In need of transportation that’s sure to reach legendary status? At Royal Executive Transportation the vehicles are awe-inspiring, but the service is even better. From pairing you with the perfect chauffeur to helping you plan a trip to remember, our transportation experts are legen-wait for it-dary.


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