Planning the Perfect Limo Crawl

Sometimes a regular ole pub crawl just won’t do. When it comes to birthdays, bachelorette or bachelor parties, holidays and other special events an upscale version is in order. This, my friends, is known as a limo crawl. Plot Out Your Route Pub crawls are organized events with destinations chosen well in advance so the … Read more

How to Nail a Surprise Limo Pick Up

The element of surprise is essential on a number of occasions – a magic show, Navy SEAL operations and, of course, when you’ve secretly planned a limo ride for a loved one. There’s nothing better than seeing their reaction when the luxury ride shows up and whisks them away. There’s nothing worse than planning the … Read more

Meeting Guest Speakers at the Airport: What’s the Proper Etiquette?

If you’re planning an important business conference or seminar, you may have painstakingly researched and hand-picked the perfect guest speaker for the event. But with booking a guest speaker comes a number of related details that are often overlooked by event coordinators, as small as arranging for airport transportation. To treat a guest speaker with … Read more

Lake Travis at Night: How to Plan an Unforgettable Anniversary Date

Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or marking a big milestone like 20 years of marriage, it’s important to put effort into how you commemorate the event. If you’re looking for inspiration in a beautiful, romantic setting in the Austin area, look no further than Lake Travis at sunset. Should You Plan a Surprise Anniversary … Read more