Planning the Perfect Limo Crawl

Sometimes a regular ole pub crawl just won’t do. When it comes to birthdays, bachelorette or bachelor parties, holidays and other special events an upscale version is in order. This, my friends, is known as a limo crawl.

Plot Out Your Route

Pub crawls are organized events with destinations chosen well in advance so the first thing you’ll want to do is decide what area of town you want the limo crawl to take place. In order to cut down on the travel time focus on an area where there are a number of bars within a 10-15 minute drive of one another.

Popular areas for an Austin limousine crawl include West 6th Street, East Side and downtown.

Pick a Theme

All good pub crawls have a theme or are centered around a special event – that’s part of the fun. The theme that you choose will ultimately influence where you go during the crawl, that attire you wear and more.

Choose the Bars

You know what part of town you want to crawl and have a theme for the event. With those two things in mind it’s time to nail down exactly where you’ll go. Account for being at each locale for roughly an hour before deciding how many places you want to stop at along the way. List them in order starting with the first stop.

Pick the Passengers

Just as important as where you go is who will go with you. Getting a firm head count is a must before you move forward with renting a limo. Keep in mind that most limos seat up to 8 people. Any more than that and you may have to get a super stretch limo or luxury van.

Select a Date

Once you’ve got all the passengers picked out find a date that will work for the group. Make sure the crawlers know that you’ll be scheduling the limo based on this date so changing it later may be a hassle or not an option.

Reserve the Limo

Now that you’ve got when, where and who figured out it’s time to get the how part of the equation squared away. Contact your limo service of choice to discuss your plans with them. The most important thing is to make sure that the limo you reserve is going to be large enough to accommodate all the passengers. Beyond that make sure you’re fully aware of all the fees and the rental company’s policies on bringing alcohol into the limo.

Once you’ve got the limo reserved you’re ready to go. Just make sure to check back in with the rental service within a week of the limo crawl to ensure everything is set for the big event.

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