Working with C3 Presents During the Austin City Limits Festival


Everyone knows about Austin City Limits, but far fewer people know about the production company behind the event. C3 Presents is the purveyor of a number of national, large-scale events including ACL. If you’re an event planner, promoter or local business these are the guys you want to get in good with before the festivities start.


Who is C3 Presents?

Locals will be happy to know that C3 Presents is an Austin-based business that is on a mission to create some of the most spectacular live events in the world, including their hometown. That is their bread and butter, and they aren’t going hungry any time soon. Since the company’s founding in 2007 it has continuously grown and quickly gained a reputation as the people to work with any time you have a major happening.

Their roots are set in musical events in the capital city, but lately C3 Presents has started branching out. Some of their other notable events include:

  • Austin Food and Wine Festival
  • City of Austin Millennial Celebration
  • Election Night Political Rally for President-Elect Barack Obama
  • White House Easter Egg Roll
  • California Democratic Party State Convention
  • Lollapalooza


The Major Players at C3 Presents

It takes a lot of work to put on the type of events C3 Presents is known for around the country. They have a full staff that handles every aspect of the events, and the team works with many outside entities to make them happen.

The Founders – Charlie Jones, Charles Attal and Charlie Walker

Site Manager: David Bain

Operations Manager: Brent Juve

Marketing Manager: Sarah McGoldrick

Digital Marketing Manager: Nicole Conser

Event Marketing Producer: Samantha Pogue

Production Director: Dirk Stalnecker

Coordinator: Adry Cantu

Festival Community Manager: Benjamin Wintle


Working with C3 Presents During ACL

If you want to be part of the ACL action in any capacity C3 Presents events services can help make it a reality. They work with everyone from the Secret Service to city managers to local businesses and music artists. Below is a rundown of some of the top things they can help with during ACL.

Public Relations and Publicity

Are you representing a band during ACL? Have a film, record, video or media special that you want to get in front of ACL fans? The C3 Presents Public Relations and Publicity division can make that happen.

Transportation Planning and Execution

At Royal Executive Transportation we are well aware that ACL transportation logistics are serious business. C3 Presents can help event planners, mangers, agents, promoters and local businesses arrange for special transportation needs during the festival.

Security and Safety

If you’re participating in the ACL festivities in or near Zilker Park it may be a good idea to touch base with C3 Presents to discuss the safety precautions that are being taken. They can also help point you in the right direction if you want to provide additional security during an ACL event of your own.

Sponsoring, Marketing and Advertising

If you want to get your name out during ACL there’s no better resource than C3 Presents. You can choose to sponsor services, use traditional marketing, opt for a digital marketing program and even get media planning assistance.

C3 Presents can be contacted at: Phone 512.478.7211 / Email

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