Confessions of a Limo Driver: Botox Party in the Back of a Limo

During Grammy season the stars are of course going to ramp up the pampering and primping to make sure they look their absolute best for the many cameras. But what one rookie limo driver found out was behind-the-scenes music execs also need to look their best. Even if that means extreme last minute fixes in the limousine.

Any limo driver would expect red carpet riders to touch up their makeup, straighten their ties and do a mirror check on their way to an event. But cosmetic injectables – that’s a whole different level of getting camera-ready.

Even Execs Have to Look Their Best

The rookie got thrown into Grammy week unexpectedly with a limo he had never even driven before – a limo dubbed BeastWest. But none of that deterred him. He was eager to get some experience under his belt, and didn’t care if that meant making a maiden voyage during a major award week.

The rookie left the garage and headed for the Pacific Coast Highway. After a bit of a drive he made it to the pick up point and found two very attractive young women waiting for him. Many young men may have gotten a little frazzled when they learned their passengers were good looking junior music execs. But not the rookie – he handled it like a true pro making small talk without making eyes at his riders.

The passengers, it turns out, were headed to a pre-party before another pre-party before a pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton. And they had already been to a pre-party. When one of the women caught sight of herself in a mirror she immediately went for her makeup, scrambling to straighten up before the next event.

But her friend had something else in mind. She pulled a syringe from her purse and told the rookie to drive as smoothly as possible.

Botox in the Backseat

The first exec was understandably hesitant to have her friend stick her with a syringe while going thirty-five plus down the road. But it didn’t take much to convince her that a little plumper pick-me-up was a superior fix to makeup. One mention of the Jonas Brothers and the first exec was on board with getting the Botox.

The rookie was laser focused on keeping the limo as steady as possible, imagining what disaster could strike from a single pothole. But he was able to keep the ride smooth and the young woman finished her Botox session without any mishaps.

Many hours later the rookie finally made it back to the garage at 5am. It was a night of many firsts – his first time behind the wheel of BeastWest, his first awards season run and his first time attending a Botox party.

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