Royal Executive Transportation – July 4th Freedom Post


Independence Day is a time when we reflect on our country’s hard won freedoms. At Royal Executive Transportation freedom means being an independent, locally owned company. It means realizing the American dream. It means hitting the open road.

Automobiles have always been a symbol of American freedom. When Henry Ford made automobiles available for the masses more than royalassembly line110 years ago it gave people a sense of liberty to travel around on their own accord. It gave us more control over where we could go and when, decreasing our reliance on mass transit. The automobile personalized transportation.


The highway system changed the fabric of our country. For the first time America was truly connected, with threads of highways sewing the states together from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. We were freed from geographic limitations. We could see more of our amazing country, and live in new places. It brought rural America and urban America closer together.


We are undeniably a country of explorers. The automobile made us all modern day voyagers, going down paths we’ve never seen before and discovering new ways of American life. We can travel along the trails that expanded our country westward. We can follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. We can see the landmarks and relive the history, all because of the automobile.


This is a freedom that we sometimes overlook. There’s not a person alive today that has ever known a world without cars. It’s easy to forget the empowerment that was felt when we were handed our drivers license. It was a license to go where we wanted when we wanted – it was liberation.


It’s our American independence and ingenuity that built the automobile. Our engrained need for freedom to choose how we live our lives paved the roads. The dream of making it on our own built an industry that has helped thousands of Americans build small businesses just like Royal Executive Transportation.


More Luxury, More Freedom to Travel Your Own Way


This 4th of July as the fireworks burst and sparkle over Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin we can’t help but think of how the spirit of America lives on today. Every time we get behind the wheel we’re reminded of that freedom.


At Royal Executive Transportation we give you the freedom to go anywhere, anytime in style and comfort. Our black car service is the ultimate symbol of American independence that takes the liberty of travel to a higher level. We give you a new sense of empowerment by personalizing your travel accommodations so you can enjoy the liberty of individual transportation without having to drive. You have the freedom to relax, read, text, talk or just take in the scenery.

Experience the ultimate freedom in transportation. Wherever your travels take you, Royal Executive Transportation can get you there in style.