Limo Rental Tips for Bachelorette Parties: Check Out Hot Austin Nightlife

Planning a wild night out on the town for a bachelorette party may take some strategizing in advance. One of the smartest moves to make when planning this special event is to book a luxury limo or town car to take your group barhopping on 6th Street.

Book Safe Transportation To and From Your Event

First and foremost, renting a limo is of the utmost importance because it will protect all of the members of your group from a DUI. Instead of worrying about who will drive the ladies from one destination to the next, you can hire a professional limo driver to transport you safely from bar to bar into the wee hours of the morning.

On top of that, renting a limo will help you to keep all of the guests in your party organized. As many former bachelorettes are familiar with, it’s highly likely that several last-minute attendees will decide to join in on the fun.

If you already have a limo rented for your group, all the better. You’ll be able to accommodate any “joiners” that decide to meet up with the bachelorette party during the festivities of the night.

How to Have the Best Limo Rental Experience Possible

To avoid any snafus when renting a limo for a group, keep the following helpful tips in mind:

  • Decide in advance where you want to go. This can be decided by the bride-to-be or the bridesmaid in charge of the bachelorette party. Either way, it’s important to have a clear-cut plan to inform the limo driver where the group would like to be picked up and dropped off.
  • Collect money in advance. Instead of worrying about paying for the limo after the group is three sheets to the wind, ask all of the ladies to pay for their portion of the limo in advance. This will prevent any unnecessary confusion or arguments that may come with paying for the limo at the end of the night.
  • Get ready for the party. The greatest benefit of hiring a limo driver for a bachelorette party is that you can get the party started the moment you step into the limo. Ladies in the group can pop a bottle of champagne and make a toast to the bride as they ride to their first destination. Make sure to pack drinks, glasses, snacks, and especially a music playlist that you can enjoy en route!