How to Get In and Out of a Limo Gracefully


There’s an unmistakable air of class that comes with a limousine. That sleek exterior, the exclusivity and comfort behind the jet-black tint.Whether you’re out on the town or just getting a ride from the airport, the last thing you want to do is ruin the mystique. And there is no quicker way of doing so than a clumsy entrance or exit.

If you want to nail a James Bond-esque emergence and avoid an embarrassing Britney Spears exit, follow the Royal Executive rules for getting in and out of a limo.

For the Gents

It may seem like an easy task, but making a suave entrance or exit from a limo can be harder than it looks.

Getting In the Limousine

Rule #1 – Hold the door open for your date. Even though the chauffeur is likely to open the door for you, your date will appreciate it if you make the effort to hold it open.

Rule #2 – Let the ladies in first. The golden rule ‘ladies first’ definitely applies when getting in the limo.

Rule #3 – Keep it classy, never dive in no matter how excited you are.

Getting Out of the Limousine

Rule #1 – Let the chauffeur get the door.Rather than jumping the gun and opening the door as soon as the limo stops, let the chauffeur get the door. It will be one less thing in the way of your awesome exit.

Rule #2 – Keep your jacket unbuttoned. It will make it easier to get out, and there’s nothing more debonair than the smooth stand up and button move. Bonus points if you can button with one hand.

Rule #3 – Resist the urge the grab the overhead handle when getting out.

Rule #4 – Don’t forget to help your lady co-riders out. Once you’ve exited, turn to offer the ladies a helping hand out of the limo.

For the Ladies

Unfortunately, you ladies have a few more obstacles than your male counterparts. Purses, heels, skirts – they can all be potential hurdles that obstruct a smooth entrance or exit. Rather than impede you, let your inner lady take over and work these things in your favor.

Getting In the Limousine

Rule #1 – Let the driver or your date get the door. At Royal Executive you can expect your chauffeur to open your door at each and every stop. However, your chivalrous chap may also opt to hold the door open for you. Either way, don’t fuss over the door – let the guys get that.

Rule #2 – Slide into the limo sideways. There’s an art to getting in and out of a limo in a ladylike fashion. Step as close to the limo as possible with your outside leg (left on the driver’s side, right on the passenger side), then step into the limo with your other leg moving sideways so that your back slides against the seat. This will keep you from flashing your front or backside when getting in.

Rule #3 – Make room for other riders. Women should be let in first, which means you’ll need to situate yourself so that your fellow riders can get in easily.

Getting Out of the Limousine

Rule #1 – Make sure to grab your bag before you get out. Have your purse in hand or over your should before exiting. Going right back in the limo for it is sure to ruin a perfect exit.

Rule #2 – Scoot all the way to the edge of the seat. Sitting on the edge will make it out a lot easier to slide both legs out at the same time and avoid flashing any onlookers.

Rule #3 – Keep a hand in your lap if your skirt is short. Prevent an embarrassing up-skirt moment by keeping a hand over your lap when you exit if your skirt/dress hits above the knees.

Rule #4 – Let the chauffer or your date lend a helping hand. Whether it’s the chauffeur or a member of your party, once the door opens there should be someone waiting to help you make a smooth exit.

Rule #5 – Don’t forget to duck.And remember to account for hair that is coiffed high on your head.

Follow these rules, and you’re sure to make grand entrance or exit that’s befittinga high-classride.