Biggest Limo Fails in History

A limousine may be a smooth ride but that doesn’t mean every passenger and driver is. Here’s a look at some of the biggest limo fails ever.

Even “The Beast” Presidential Limo Has Fail Moments

After a visit to the American Embassy in Dublin the prez and his crew were trying to make what seemed like an easy exit. A few smaller sedans were able to clear the hump before getting through the gates, but when it was The Beast’s turn it’s heavy armored body proved to be a burden.

Drive-thrus Clearly Weren’t Designed for Limos

Chauffeurs get a lot of special requests from their clients. Usually swinging by a restaurant is a pretty simple stop – but not when you’re trying to get a stretch limo through a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Quick disclaimer: this video is accompanied by Adam Sandler’s ‘Ode to My Car’ which contains strong language. You may want to turn your speakers down if you want to watch the fail.

Celebrities Fail in Limos Too

As a celebrity you probably become more accustomed to riding in limos than regular Joes. You’d think with all that practice they’d have no problem getting in and out of their stretches. Not so.

Usually it’s the ladies that make the headlines, but Kayne West recently set tongues wagging when he exited a limo with his pants down. Kim Kardashian, who was with him in the limo, said, it was a wardrobe malfunction when his belt got hooked on the door handle.

High Speed Limo Makes for One of the Most Watched Police Chases

Most limo drivers won’t push their rides to 120+ miles per hour. They also won’t throw the limo in reverse to get off an on-ramp in order to evade the police during a hot pursuit. But that’s exactly what Dane Christian did back in 2007. Anything but inconspicuous, the speed racer limo quickly caught the attention of police. Not long after the chase began the limo’s transmission blows.

Just when it seems the drama is over Christian peels out in reverse and manages to get off the highway, weaving his way through neighborhoods before running into a tree. While his backwards driving skills are very impressive his decision-making is not.

Fails happen – even in luxury rides. If you’d like to avoid lists like this one, hire people that know what they’re doing. Royal Executive Transportation drivers do their best to fulfill all your requests, but when you need a fast food fix they know to avoid the drive-thru.

If you know of any other epic limo fails feel free to share them.