Austin Airport Transportation Options

Taking to the air seems to be more and more complicated these days what with changing security regulations, baggage fees and airlines that pack every flight to full capacity, and sometimes beyond. One thing that frequent flyers won’t have to worry about at Austin Bergstrom is getting to and from the airport with ease.

Right now there’s more transportation options than ever before.

MetroAirport Bus

The MetroAirport Bus service is one of the most recent additions to Austin’s public transportation system. It leaves the airport on the hour and half hour from far right end of the passenger pick-up area. You can’t miss the brightly colored blue and yellow MetroAirport Bus sign.

It’s a super cheap alternative if you are trying to get to downtown, the Riverside Corridor or UT and don’t mind waiting. The trip will take about 30 minutes to reach the city center and set you back $1.

Austin Airport Shuttle Service

If you’d like something a bit more upscale, exclusive and set to your specific schedule, an airport limousine service is the way to go. It’s a good option if:

  • You have to leave at an odd hour
  • Have a large group of travelers
  • Are on a business trip or providing transportation for a business contact
  • Celebrating a special occasion

When it comes to arriving and departing with the least amount of hassle and highest level of comfort Austin airport limo services have other options beat. That comfort and convenience can be pricy, but depending on where you’re coming from, how long you’ll be gone and how many passengers you have it could be just about as affordable as other options.

Taxi Cabs

Yellow is a very common color at airport pick up terminals. Yellow Cab, Austin Cab and Lone Star Cab can all be found on the lower level curbside pick-up spots. You may get lucky and find a taxi that’s looking for work, but your best bet is to call ahead and arrange for a pick up at a certain time.

Taxi fare from the airport will be a minimum of $12.95, with a maximum of 4 passengers per cab.

Your Car

If you live in the Austin area you can opt to drive to the airport and park in one of the on-site or off-site lots. The off-site lots will be cheaper, but less convenient.

Driving yourself and parking can save you money getting there and back home, but the days in between are what will cost you. Parking on-site at the Austin Bergstrom Airport will run you anywhere from $7-$22 a day. Off-site parking is around $7.50-$13 a day.

Rental Car

Rental car companies are staked out on the top floor of the parking garage directly across from the airport. Major players such as ACE, Enterprise and Hertz are there in addition to smaller local companies like Alamo/National Rent-A-Car.

One thing to remember is that renting a car at the airport is often pricier than renting from other locations in the city. However, additional transportation will be needed to get to another location, which could offset the difference. Run the numbers first to see which one saves you the most.

There you have it – all the different ways you can get to and from Austin Bergstrom Airport. We can help get you there faster, but unfortunately our hands are tied when it comes to getting through the long security check lines.

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